Serum XL

Vogue Magazine has named Bioque Serum XL “Serum of the Stars”, due to its popularity among celebrities.

Super-sized, less visible wrinkle therapy

Multi-peptide, anti-aging wrinkle appearance reducer— the BOTOX-alternative that packs a peptide punch

Sit back and relax—Argireline, a peptide that serves as a natural muscle relaxant, builds up in facial muscles over time. So the longer you use it, the more tension will you lose. This key ingredient de-stresses facial muscles beneath the deepest layer of skin to reduce tightening around cavities caused by collagen and elastin deterioration, stopping the process that furrows and puckers the outer layer of skin into wrinkles. Bioque’s Serum XL introduced Argireline into the skincare market, and contains a full 20% concentration of this precious ingredient.
Size up from stretch mark cream—Serum XL also contains the same peptide duo—Biopeptide EL and Matrixyl 3000, ingredients that promotes reduced visibility of wrinkles—found in popular stretch-mark creams. In facially-applied stretch mark cream, however, these ingredients remain on the surface of skin—temporarily ‘gluing’ together furrows. Serum XL delivers a high concentration of these peptides deep into the bottom layer—working to diminish the appearance ofwrinkles.
Plus, plus, plus.— Serum XL packs in anti-oxidant Vitamin A to fight free radicals that break down collagen, Vitamin C to nourish skin cells, and Vitamin E to reduce the appearance of scars.
Better than a needle? You betcha.—Get all the benefits without invasive toxins, the potential risk, and the high price tag. Plus, Serum XL goes where paralyzing injections can’t—around the eyes, mouth, on the neck, and even on the back of hands. And Serum XL not only relaxes muscles to reduce the appearance of wrinkles—it works to help diminish the basis for structural issues that actually causes those wrinkles to be visible.

Directions for use*
Prep skin by washing with Bioque Facial Cleanser and pat dry. Apply Serum XL sparingly to clean, dry skin—smoothing in upward motions over areas of concern. Use morning and night daily until results are visible, then once daily to maintain and enhance results. Allow to dry 1-2 minutes before applying other serums, creams, or makeup. May also be used on back of hands, neck, and upper chest areas.

Size: 1 oz. 30 ml – Price: $ 95.00 Size: 2 oz. 60 ml – Price: $ 135.00

Type: Serum Xl

Brand: Bioque

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