Formula 9 Firming Gel


Fabulously firming, facelift-in-a-jar

Power peptides penetrate with firming and tightening gels—quickly works to reduce visibility of lines, tighten lids, shed sags and banish bags

Quick fix—Formula 9 delivers a power blast of Argireline paired with penetrating gels that provide near-immediate firming.
Disappearing act—Fine lines and sagging areas on forehead, eyelids, neck, jaw, and even arm and chest areas disappear before your eyes (and under them).
Magic touch—Apply after serums and creams to supercharge your youthful look. Warning to perfectionists: high frequency satisfaction will occur. Frequent application will exacerbate results.

Directions for use*
Apply after serums, creams and moisturizers for a tightening and firming ‘final touch;’ possible to apply more than once per day to maximize results. Combine with Serum XL and C-Plus for a comprehensive anti-wrinkle program that rebuilds skin while combating photo-aging and environmental damage.

Type: Formula 9

Brand: Bioque

Availability: In Stock

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