C-Plus Moisturising Cream


C for yourself

Youth-enhancing, moisturizing, collagen-stimulating superstar— 100% effective, 100% bio-available, anti-aging vitamin C

Highest quality—C-Plus contains 100% bio-available L-ascorbic acid (vitamin C) suspended in ananhydrous (water-free) co-polymer matrix. It’s the highest quality of topical vitamin C available, and all the good stuff gets into your skin.
Photo-aging? Phooey— Protection powerhouse C-Plus contains high-levels of anti-oxidant. Simply put? The environmental bad guys get booted.
Best collagen producer—Vitamin C is essential to the active production of collagen. And C-Plus really revs up your skin cells so you’re ready for your close up.

Directions for use*
Apply to clean dry skin or after applying Serum XL and waiting two minutes for that product to penetrate. Apply sparingly to the entire face and neck area, morning and evening. Use C-Plus prior to application of other moisturizers, creams, foundation or makeup. If using glycolic products, apply C-Plus prior; however, if using AHA products, apply C-Plus in the morning and the glycolic product in the evening.

Type: C-Plus

Brand: Bioque

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